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Second time best airport

Jun 28, 2019 | NEWS

For the second year running Fiumicino has claimed first place in Airport Council International’s official league table – the ACI independently conducts satisfaction surveys across the main airports worldwide.

It is the first time since these surveys have been done that the award has been won in two consecutive years by the same airport, along with Schiphol.

In particular, the capital’s airport has excelled in service quality for passengers, technological innovation and infrastructure efficiency. These factors together with Leonardo Da Vinci’s operating efficency – making it one of the most punctual airports in Europe – convinced a distinguished panel comprising representatives from the European Commission, SESAR, European Conference of Civil Aviation (ECCA) and European Union Aviation Safety (EASA) to award Fiumicino airport the “Best Airport Award 2019” within for the category of airports with over 25 million passengers.

Giovanni Castelluci, Atlantia’s Managing Director, said: “We’re very proud to have won the award again – it’s come as result of the hard work of our staff, ENAC and ENAV partners, border police and Alitalia just to mention a few. We’re determined to continue making the airport even better helping the airlines that are based there to be more competitive when dealing with the ever increasing global challenges”.

Leonardo da Vinci airport’s award was only made possible as a result of having reached outstanding levels of quality in all areas of infrastructure and service thanks to “Atlantia Care” – started almost five years ago when Fiumicino was bottom of the table in terms of quality. In fact the panel’s award underscores the outstanding results of Aeroporti di Roma illustrating how innovation in technology and management can enhance the efficiency of operations and service quality as it has done with e-gates. These high standards have led to Fiumicino obtaining one of the highest rates in Europe for departure flights leaving on time.Panel judges were particularly impressed by the terminal’s efficiency and focus on managing security as well as how it worked closley with its airlines and continuosly monitored its performance and environmental targets.

ADR’s capacity for management was also noticed by Skytrax, the main international body for evaluating and rating the airport sector, who awarded Skytrax’s four stars. Reasons for the award again included the airport management group’s strong focus on customer satisfaction as well as excelling in operations.

Aeroporti di Roma’s Managing Director, Ugo de Carolis, said – “it’s all about recognition for Fiumicino having won the Best Airport Award for a second time. Amongst the contributing factors was above all respect for the environment – yesterday together with another 194 airports we signed up to reaching zero net carbon emmissions by 2050. In addition, we are committed to finding solutions to make the passenger experience as easy and straightforward as possible. There’s still alot to do, because an airport as big and as important as Fiumicino can only be improved with consistent hardwork day in day out.”.

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